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    1) Sword of Jade: Parallel Dreams reviewed by JSH357
    2) Vikings Of Midgard reviewed by MirceaKitsune
    3) Bug on the Wall reviewed by JSH357
    4) Tightfloss Maiden reviewed by yhposolihP
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The Curse of Dracula
MCW, Me, and Aeth
This is the final version
Download: 33 KB Updated Fri Jan 09, 2004 11:47 pm
Total Download count: 676
Number of reviews: 2
Average Grade: C
Number of ratings: 3
Average rating: 2.0000
Your rating:
Description [-]
Take on the role of Guy Belmont, son of Simon Belmont, and take on Dracula and his minions (again). And kick his ass. Features equipment-based spells, a day/night system, and several totally rockin' NES game quotes. It's better than sex! (Warning: Inexperienced gamers WILL have trouble, but it's not impossible.)

NOTE: The game has been updated to fix a serious bug in the encounter rate, however due to some problem with the gamelist I (Aeth) cannot upload it. This is actually a good thing however. If you haven't played the game and want to in order to judge it for the contest, download the one here on CP (with the encounter rate bug). If you want to play the version with the debugged gameplay, download it right here. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Download Stats [+]

Review # 1
  Reviewed by RedMaverickZero
  Playtime: hours and 30+ minutes
  Overall: B-
  "1,2,3,4. Find Dracula's body and SMASH! HULK SMASH! Oops, wrong game. Check this out, it's a cool experience."
Review # 2
  Reviewed by Shadowiii
  Playtime: too many hours and --- minutes
  Overall: D+
  "Picasso's blue era has nothing on this. "I'm blue da do de da do di..", ok I killed the joke. Funny game, difficult battles, long experience. You have been warned. "

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