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Castle Paradox
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The relic hunt: The birth of light
Game is in demo stage
Download: 233 KB Updated Sun Aug 17, 2003 8:05 am
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Description [-]
I finally got a demo up...
...ok, so it's not much, but there's plenty of work inside the RPG that I have yet to show in this demo. This demo is just to introduce one of the main characters in the game.
I'm working on the next release as of now... (well, if I'm awake that is)

---=== Prelude Story ===---
A young boy grows up not knowing anything about the incidents that caused his parents to disappear from his life. Growing up with a grandfather who tells no secrets, that young boy, after an incident he may never forget, shall set out on a journey to learn what had happened to his parents, and learn to live with the scars of his grief, pride and courage.

::This game is on halt until after I finish school at the end of November::
I'm changing the name of the game, mainly because i've got more solid ideas on how this game is going to be set up.

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