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Castle Paradox
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Blu Eternal
Game is in production
Download: 379 KB Added Sun Aug 31, 2003 8:45 pm
Total Download count: 812
Number of reviews: 2
Average Grade: B+
Number of ratings: 1
Average rating: 4.0000
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Description [-]
Disclaimer: First off, let me apologize for hardly ever updating this game. For those of you who have an interest in it, it will soon be remade from the ground up... same story, but a little better defined. I had issues with this one when i first released it. But anyhoo, I will be implementing a self made battle system. YAY! as well as clarifying the story. Stay tuned! ^_~

In a world overrun with monsters from pervious eras, Hunters thrive and prosper. Some prosper more than others. The troupe known as "The Ravens" has become the most notorious band of Hunters in the land. Though their methods are unorthodox, their effectiveness is unquestionable.

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Review # 1
  Reviewed by Me
  Playtime: 0 hours and 20 minutes
  Overall: A
  "Play this game. Now."
Review # 2
  Reviewed by Shadowiii
  Playtime: 1 hours and 00 minutes
  Overall: B
  "It is a beautiful game graphically, but there isn't much else here. Be sure to grab an Audio CD before you play this game. Download it to see some gorgeous graphics, but don't expect for any exciting gameplay or story. "

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