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Download: 136B Updated Sat Apr 06, 2013 9:28 pm
Total Download count: 743
Number of reviews: 2
Average Grade: F
Number of ratings: 1
Average rating: 1.0000
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Review # 1
  Reviewed by Aethereal
  Playtime: 0 hours and 10 minutes
  Overall: F+
  "Hype doesn't equal a good game, and this is a perfect example of that statement."
Review # 2
  Reviewed by Shadowiii
  Playtime: 0 hours and 20 minutes
  Overall: F
  "This game was released too early. Its a collection of many undone and unpolished pieces, and thus, is just a big mess. And if I EVER see a Linkin Park cameo in a game again, I may be forced to burn my computer and make crosses over it. "

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