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The Apartment
Game is in production
Download: 9.55 MB Added Wed Jul 24, 2019 10:51 am
Total Download count: 341
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Number of ratings: 2
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Description [-]
This is one of the RPG projects I put the most effort into. I remember it was inspired by an old thread on Eka's Portal, where I was toying with the idea of the protagonist gradually turning their furry friend into a hungry predator who eventually eats up everyone they know including theirself. The game's primarily meant to be a simulator for such a scenario.

You play as a young adult living with their parents in an apartment block located inside a city inhabited by humans. Your next door neighbor is a wolf, who you were told never to go near after rumors that families who met her disappeared without a trace. Because your phone is broken and you're bored, you decide to ignore the advice of your folks and wander into her apartment. She agrees to fix the device for you but under one condition: You must connect with her giant blue vixen friend and befriend her. Before you can take any decision, the deed is already done. What could possibly go wrong with that?

This demo was last updated on July 2019. The game is approximately 20% complete, many elements are unfinished and it's only partly playable. It contains several NSFW elements. It uses assets remixed by me from the art offered by Fenrir Lunaris, and is fully licensed under the PD / CC0 license: You are free to redistribute this project, as well as to fork and use it as a basis for your own game.

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