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    2) Hydra Shrine by Obright
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Club Nova
Game is in production
Download: 6.31 MB Added Wed Jul 24, 2019 10:30 am
Total Download count: 327
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Description [-]
A project I started more recently. It was meant to be more story oriented and simplistic in terms of mapping and gameplay. Partly intended as a self representation... it was inspired by how I see my own past versus some of my dreams today.

You're on your way to moving to another town with your family, consisting of a hateful alcoholic father and a blissfully ignorant stepmother. An old friend from school lives in a city on the way, where you decide to stay for a week before continuing your trip. While there you discover that beyond the passage separating the human and anthro zones lies an attraction called Club Nova; A famous red vixen who goes by the name of Devora is playing there over the course of the week, and everyone's invited to come see her. Will you choose to continue your trip, or will you take a new and unexpected journey?

This demo was last updated on June 2018. The game is approximately 30% complete, many elements are unfinished and it's only partly playable. It contains several NSFW elements. It uses assets remixed by me from the art offered by Fenrir Lunaris, and is fully licensed under the PD / CC0 license: You are free to redistribute this project, as well as to fork and use it as a basis for your own game.

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