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How to Earn a Higher Review Score in 9 Easy Steps

by Chaos Nyte


Give your game a quick graphics boost.

With links to over a dozen EXTREMELY useful topics on pixel art, even people new to OHR can make their games look great with just a little reading. Very recommended.


Serious about game design? Rinku's "Creating a Game" article.

Considering that this wealth of information is 276 pages long, and still unfinished, it leaves plenty of room for you to consider what you want to learn more about in the game creation process. However, it is particularly useful if you are working on your first game, or if you're planning on creating a new game.


No music? No problem!

Having a problem with your music in OHR? Well, first try VDMSound (Only works with Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, and Windows XP. For Windows 95, 98 or Me support, see this!) Once installed, right click on OHR, select "Run with VDMS" and see if your sound is working.
If it isn't, try to find a friend's computer that does allow music to work. Without music, your game is going to get a "0" in the music category, no matter what your reason.


If at first you don't suceed...

Keep trying! Game design isn't easy, no matter how many times you told yourself you could make a better RPG then Final Fantasy 10. Take notes, go over the script, and draw out maps before you create them. If your graphics are coming out shoddy, spend more time on them, study how other games did them, and keep working on them until they come out perfect. Don't convince yourself that any one part of game design is more or less important then the others. Itls all equally important, and no one will be impressed if you ignore one aspect of your game because you don't believe you can improve.


All work and no play makes your games suck.

Stumped in your plot? Can't quite get your characters look right? Download a few OHR games, and see what they do. While stealing from other games is grossly stupid, this doesn't mean that your game can't incorporate elements from other games. Cube's table grid system was inspired from Final Fantasy 10, and many OHR games are heavily inspired by professional games. Don't be afraid to be see how other people are being original.


When in doubt, dont.

If you have any qualms about your game, the graphics don't measure up, the game play is boring, or the plot doesn't make sense, create your own review for your game. Examine its strong and weak points, areas that need improvement, and in the end, decide if your game is really worth showing the public. Most first games aren't.


If it's under 30 minutes, it isn't worth sending in.

Unless your game brings something very special to the community, very few people will want to play a demo this short. If your game itself is 30 minutes from beginning to end, well go ahead and send it in, just don't join the legions of OHRers who have created 30 minute demos that will never be finished.


Be original.

No matter what your inspiration might be for entering the world of game creation through OHR, making fan based games is never a good idea. OHRers do not want to play newbie games featuring Sailor Moon or Goku as the main hero, and this goes for all of the Final Fantasy titles.



If you play your own game, and you're not enjoying every minute of it, then it isn't worth sending in for review, because no one else is going to enjoy it either.

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