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Friendly Brawl

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 13, 2009 10:19 am    Post subject: Friendly Brawl Reply with quote

Okay guys, we tried this a while back and kind of failed, but I've been noticing JSH on Brawl lately and I thought I'd try this again.

See, a friend from PSU and I have been playing Brawl pretty regularly the last few months, but rarely do we have more than just the two of us. But the other day some random dude my friend met online joined, and I remembered just how damn fun and rediculous matches get when there's more than two people, and I'd really enjoy throwing turnips in some of you guys' faces, or shooting you with peanuts. So here's the deal. My Wii friend code and Smash friend code are below (I can't remember if you need both or not):

Wii: 2863 1450 6952 9934
Smash: 0216 2047 2441

My friend and I play pretty often on weekday nights, ESPECIALLY Monday and Wednesday, and we usually get started by or around 11 PM Eastern Standard Time. Anyone who wants in should hop on some time.

Be aware, though, that we don't do any of this 'competitive' BS. Items are on, because nothing's funnier than watching Bowser charge up his forward smash, and during that time a Bob-Omb appears right in front of his face. The only items we regularly turn off are Hearts (only make matches much longer, and never in a funny way) and the 3-piece thing, but this one is debatable if there are more than two people. That said, if anyone joins a match, it seems to be random whose rules get used, and we're fine with playing by your item rules for some matches if you're fine playing by ours for others. Overall though, this is for people who think Capt Falcon is just as fun to use as Marth, and who think its FUNNY for Wario to accidentally fart himself to death off of the top of the screen, and then demand a rematch (basically, ending the match right before dying is our version of demanding a rematch).

Use this thread to announce times that you think you'll have a chance to play, and maybe it'll become easier to organize as time goes on. For instance, I'm pretty certain I'll be able to play this evening around 10pm Eastern Standard, maybe 10:30. You?

PS: If people do think they'll be able to stop in, please post something here. If I don't see anything here my friend will want to make the room in case one of his random folks show up.

PPS: This is also posted on Slime Salad
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