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Current Features (Updated again)

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 21, 2008 9:41 am    Post subject: Current Features (Updated again) Reply with quote

Quests, monsters, areas AND storyline all change when game switches from day to night.

In the game, you gain LP. You use this LP to buy licenses (Example: "Heavy Armor" License). Only then can you buy heavy armor for your characters. BUT a character CAN buy a license for something he cannot equip due to his class, and if equipped with something he cannot use, he gets negative effects (Example: A rogue equipping Heavy Armor: Less flexibility = Less accuracy and speed)

Class Changes
A character can switch from one class to another at anytime, but not without consequences. A mage who switches to a warrior would not be able to use his magic anymore. But, if a spell/ability is MASTERED, then he keeps them permanently, and some classes require specific Abilities to learn (Paladin: Requires 2 White Mage spells and 2 Warrior Abilities)

Clean UI
Being the first game where I can edit menus, I've made a very clean and easy to use User Interface. You will see for yourself.

MASSIVE adventure
The hero has to go through over 16 dungeons, 20 cities, and lots of minor places and side quest areas. All put together in a world map which you travel around in an airship.

Unordered Quests
The hero doesn't need to follow a straight path to understand the story. You can go to a pub and accept any kind of quest, side quest or errand. There are some quests that can only be unlocked by completing other specific ones, but there are also lots of side quests, guild quests citizen errands and personal quests that are not assigned to you by anyone (example: a random dungeon you encounter and you, as a player, decide you want to go inside and find treasure).

Guild new
The hero gets the chance to join a guild, but it's not obligatory to the storyline. If you encounter a guild in any of the Major cities and you feel like making extra money, getting more experience, recruiting party members and enjoying guild-related quests, then join a guild. Guilds have headquarters where you can buy stuff for cheaper and rest for free, but joining a guild is not free. It usually requires to complete 1 or more tasks or pay an amount of money.

Mastering Abilities new
When the hero sticks to a class long enough, he gains enough AP (ability Points) to master a certain ability. Once an ability is mastered, he can keep on using it when he's transferred to a different class. But the only way to Master an ability is to go to a TRAINER, found in specific towns, and ask him to help you master the ability you desire to master. He will take away you AP and you will have your ability mastered. Having mastered abilities also lead to unlocking new abilities to master and the possibility to unlock other classes.

Smith new
The smith, found in any town, enables you to upgrade weapons and equipment, they sometimes cost a lot, but they raise the stats of your weapons/equipments, which is worth it.

The journal, recently added to your player's menu. It stores all the quests you accept, you can see details on the quest and the reward and who it was assigned to you by.

There's lots more, but It will be posted later on.
Enjoy for now~
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