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PostPosted: Mon Jul 06, 2009 9:25 pm    Post subject: General Project Information Reply with quote

For those who don't know, my first game that I've ever posted was a little game called Slayers. The game featured a cliched storyline, ripped graphics (ripped from RPG Maker 95), and impossibly difficult gameplay.

As years went by, my experience in ripping graphics actually helped me develop my own style of pixel art (along with various online tutorials, including ones by Charbile), and I rewrote Slayers, and came up with Endless Saga, featuring my own graphics, and a much (much) better presented story.

And the years continued to pass by, as I continued to work on other (incomplete/unreleased) projects, until I finally decided to revisit my original idea.

So, again, starting from scratch, I rewrote the story (while still keeping major parts of the original), redesigned characters (while creating new ones), and created a plan that will better represent who I am as a game designer. (note: I hope that didn't sound conceited)

Present Day
I started this incarnation of Endless Saga roughly 3 years ago, without any real progress until about 6 months ago or so. And yet again, the project was put on hiatus, mainly due to laziness. But recently, I started a series of pixel art tutorials for HamsterSpeak Magazine, which are basically tutorials of how i make graphics written alongside as I created my game.

As a result, more has been done on the game now than what has been done in 3 years.

So, after I finish writing this little journal entry, I will continue to push the development of this project even further, and hope that this will be finished for Sept 1st, 2009.
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