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Crisis by Moogle1

(I can't move. Is it fatigue from that last battle or am I paralyzed with fear?)

"You have a choice," the foul voice said to him, resonating with bitterness and mockery. "Give me your Will for me to feast upon or I will kill these while you watch." The shadowy figure gestured broadly to where we lay motionless. My eyes darted over to where he stood. I saw him fighting tears that refused to be held as he sheathed his weapon and began unfastening his shield.

"No!" I cried. "You damned fool." But he only shook his head and lamely choked, "No one should suffer because of me."

From the Darkmoor Beckons soundtrack.

Preview: Play Count: 81
Number of Ratings: 1 Average Rating: 3.0000

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