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Castle Paradox
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    1) Bok's Expedition by FnrrfYgmSchnish
    2) Vore Day RPG by Ronin Catholic
    3) Vikings Of Midgard by Fenrir-Lunaris
    4) TutOHRial - Mid-Gorgonzola Version by Ronin Catholic
    5) Apartment, The by MirceaKitsune
Review List
Dark Genesis
Reviewed by Harlock
Playtime: hours and minutes
Overall: F+
"Experience and practice should see a better version of this one in the future."
Rise of the Dragon Slayers
Reviewed by HarlockHero
Playtime: hours and minutes
Overall: F-
"One of the worst games available for any platform, anywhere. The sole intent of every single element of this game's story, combined with its mind-numbing music is to irreversibly cloud your mind. Only play it if you wish to test your resolve to live. I barely made it through myself because of my ability to see the eye of the fish. Only those true to their wa can come through unscathed."

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