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Locked vs. Onlyoneinall
Locked Out in the main hall
Download: 21 KB
Play Time: 0 hours and 18 minutes
Review # 8 for Onlyoneinall Out in the main hall
Them's Fightin' Words
    You're locked inside a house. Get out. Simple premise, simple game, simple fun.
    The graphics are done sort of NES 8-bit styled, so the quality is not high, but for what it's going for it's done well. You will be in the house the whole time and you will only see one person, so the graphics are good enough, but nothing that excels.  
    There is no storyline. You're locked in the house, and you must find your way out, preferably by finding the right key. It does fine without the story, although a simple story might've boosted the game a little.  
    The gameplay is simple. You must search around the house and find items that will help you lead your way out of the house. At times, you might be stuck because you don't know what to examine, but that is all there is to it. Getting stuck simply means clicking everywhere until you get a reaction. After about twenty minutes, you should be on your way to escape. Remember that some things may be needed more than once.  
  Map Design
    It was done nicely. It certainly felt like a house.  
    The balance was fine.  
    There is only one song in the game. Though it gets a bit repetitive, it was suitable as well.  
    I enjoyed the game except for when I got stuck a few times here and there.  
Final Blows
    A nice simple game to kill some time in a simple matter.
Inside one of the rooms

Inside one of the rooms
Final Scores
Graphics: 8/10.0
For the style it was going for, it was done well. A bit of variety wouldn't have hurt though.
Storyline: 5/10.0
Gameplay: 8/10.0
Simplistic fun. Find items, interact with them, get keys, unlock doors. rinse and repeat.
Music: 5/10.0
It was only one song. It was okay, although a bit repetitive.
Enjoyment: 8/10.0
Simple fun.
Overall Grade: B
Final Thoughts
    Kind of like a minigame.  

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