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BTTF Friend Fiction (NSFW! 18+++ ADULTS ONLY)

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PostPosted: Fri May 19, 2017 7:08 am    Post subject: BTTF Friend Fiction (NSFW! 18+++ ADULTS ONLY) Reply with quote

EDITOR'S NOTE: So I got a virus on my computer and it's pretty bad and uhh.. well, they tell me they won't do anything to me if I write and post BTTF Friend Fiction so... here we go. Sorry. I don't want to do this! Rolling Eyes


Corpuscles whooshed through the strange new artery, their single cell brains swollen with determination to complete their mission: Delivering precious oxygen to every section of the body. There was a new voice though, louder and stronger, telling them they had a new mission: Stop everything. Stay here. It's safe. It's fun. Tell your friends. It was a trap, and some part of the corpuscles must've known it, but they still stopped, one by one, and then turned their attention towards stopping their friends. The end result was that Marty McFly had the biggest bonest of his life.


Five minutes late. That's not so bad! Four minutes, really. He was forgetting that his boner had already gotten through the door. Hopefully it'd be gone soon, Marty's sense of masculinity was already fragile. All of his peers laughing at the very physical representation of it might be enough to turn him into a woman, like his father. God, my father! What would he do in a situation like this? McFly's gait lightened at the thought. It was impossible to imagine his old man with even a pup tent, let alone a real pants stretcher like this. He was so happy at the thought that he didn't hear the gleeful girlish greeting of "Marty!" as he passed. It was the second greeting, the shocked "MARTY!!!?" (Directed to the boner, natch) that roused him from his introspection.


Jennifer held a textbook up to her chin. It wasn't hers, but it was the only way she could keep from seeing the boner. "Not that way! Strickland's looking for you and he'll freak if you're tardy 3 days in a row!" She really wanted to stop talking there, but she found herself continuing, lowering the textbook so she could spit on it for emphasis: "He's not gonna be happy about... that.. either" Her boyfriend just laughed (God, his laugh <3) "I'm only a few minutes late, he'll never find out." Something primal had awoken in Marty, nerds would call it his masculine ego, and he found himself on his boner's side. "And what should I care about Strickland? He's an idiot! Just because he can't get one means he doesn't want to seen with me and mine?"

She had to shush him, he was getting loud enough that people were going to leave their classrooms. "Marty, I don't want to be seen with it! What would people think we were doing out here?" It was a legitimate question. Marty was still riding high on his ego, maybe for the first time in his life. "Come on Jen, who cares? We could take this thing up to the woods.. throw a couple sleeping bags on it.. and you know what they say about a girl with a bad reputation..." his voice trailed off in thought, but a new voice joined in. "And what would a slacker like you have to say about a girl with a bad reputation? Detention, Ms. Parker"

There was no need for an appeal. He'd already written the ticket. Jennifer skedaddled before he noticed the boner. "And as for you, slacker!" the principal sneered, breaking his own rule about starting sentences with the word And. Marty gulped. That was a really bad sign. "Slacker!" Strickland fired again, angry at the gulp. The word lashed Marty like a whip. "And no McFly has amounted to anything in the history of Hill Valley!" he added, like he'd forgotten to say it already. Something wasn't right though. Something was different. Marty looked smaller, like he was farther away than usual. Strickland looked down. He looked back up. He looked back down. Hooooly shit.


They stood in awkward silence. Strickland willed himself to stick the detention post it to Marty's boner, which now stretched nearly a yard from his body. It was only thanks to 80's fashion that his pants hadn't ripped under the strain, and Marty's love of science had never been stronger. "And now you get to class... slacker" he intoned, but the words were hollow now. Meaningless. Anything he could say about the powers of an education.. there were some intangible things you just couldn't teach, and now Marty had one of them. It wasn't fair. High school never was.


Biff grinned through the grimy glass window. He'd known Marty was going to have a boner to remember. Such strange perception he had now, that had let him sense the first rumblings. Hell, he'd even seen the corpuscles settling in their veins, delivering their oxygen payload. How had he seen that? How could he see that? Biff had never been a smart man and that hadn't changed. Everything else had, of course. The story of him turning from big man on campus to alcoholic bully. That stormy night in 1955 when he'd almost become a rapist. And then 30 years of community service to try to find redemption. Redemption that maybe he was starting to find. The McFlys had never held it against him, they'd helped straighten him out, but everyone else looked at Biff very differently since that stormy night. Even as he trimmed their hedges, polished their bumpers, pumped their gas, bagged their groceries.. the people of Hill Valley still looked at Biff Tannen like he was a monster. Now... maybe he really was.

Biff wasn't going to let that get him down, though. Marty had always been kind of a jerk and even when he wasn't, there was something about the kid that just rubbed the wrong way. A big ol' boner like this was the perfect thing to put him back in his place, and Biff couldn't wait to see the ribbing he'd get when he took his seat in class. Hell, those desks were small. Maybe he wouldn't be able to sit at all!

Biff whipped back his cape and climbed up the wall. Marty's class was on the second floor, and there was no way Tannen was going to miss even a second of this.


EDITOR'S NOTE: Sorry! You know how these damned hackers can be. Pissed off! And don't delete this post! They say they'll change my desktop wallpaper to a picture of the world's ugliest chicken if you do. Oh buddy am I scared!
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