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Talented OHRRPGCE Users

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PostPosted: Thu May 10, 2012 2:25 am    Post subject: Talented OHRRPGCE Users Reply with quote

So I talked about talented people (referring to indie games that are not getting sold, although they would be good enough) on another forum and thought, since I mainly mentioned OHRPRGCE people by name, it wouldn't be nice to do it without them knowing it, so I'll crosspost it here:

There are many talented people out there. ^^

The guy I talked about earlier is the one who did Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis ( If you play the game a bit further you'll realize that there are some things he is really good in without me having to explain it. :-)
You can contact him at RMN too.

But I can list you many talented guys:

WhiteOwl - Master at making unique 2D pixel art style:
He always made the same game over and over again (Fantasy Under A Blue Moon X). He never was satisfied with it, so he always threw his last release into the garbage and started from scratch (including redrawing all graphics!). He did that 5 times and never finished the game (even though his last 2 versions both were >10 hours long).
Unfortunately, he had to drop making games out of personal reasons. Now he is a rapper making rap songs, which I found kinda weird.

Royal (and his team members) - Another really good Pixel artist. He started making some games together with Mattgamerr (good designer) and Radar (good composer), but they never really managed to finish a project and just threw out endless demo RPGs. The team itself was perfect though as each one was good in one part. Royal later joined a bigger game company and was partly involved in the graphics in Mirror's Edge. Mattgamerr, always being very interested in foreign languages, switched to making some kind of "dictionary games". Y'know, those "Learning a language while having fun" games. He said he plans to make a Dictionary-RPG hybrid one day. I never heard of him again since then, though. Radar disappeared when the team was dissolved. Not sure what he does now. Probably still composing!

Orchard-L - I knew him from when he made his first RPG. Not only was he talented in pixel art, but also could make amazing story-plots and unique game systems. His first game was more a mix of RPG and strategical game, it wasn't really good and he doesn't like to talk about it. Then he finally found out that weird stories are his way to go. So he make a 2D Horror RPG (Purgatory). Which was quite... disturbing. His next game was also unique in the sense that it was an RPG without any combat. The story was weird and you basically had to explore a city and solve puzzles (City of Dreams) to eventually find out what really is happening. The next game is the start were his games got so good that he was willing to really publish them and keep them published. It was another weird game just like City of Dreams, but now also featuring combat called Boundless Ocean. Then he left the RPG genre and switched to making retro adventure games. His first game of this type was basically a horror-adventure hybrid called Missing. Also very disturbing story, but really exciting. His final game was a detective-adventure game called Fedora Spade that was released in four iterations (cases).
You can find his published games here in case you are interested:

Onlyoneinall (nobody really sure about her nick as she changes it so often) - I don't know too much about her, except that she made a horror-RPG hybrid called Bloodlust, which is really really horrifying. Honestly, I never expected a 2D game to actually being able to scare me, but this one managed to do so. It also includes very disturbing short-stories you can read. More disturbing than the other stuff I mentioned above. Don't touch this game if your heart is weak! Lately I heard she is planning on re-working the game (similar to how you do it with D&D - adding more content to existing one).
Edit: I just searched for her on the internet and actually found that she has a website:

Kid2Will - Really good game music composer. He got mainly famous through his song "Fire Aura" which is played in "The Impossible Game". You can find his music here: (listen to Fire Aura!)

General Mumble - He is one of those persons that started going real creative due to the huge "My Little Pony Friendship is Magic" hype. But now he also released a MLP-unrelated album which is really good ( ). He is one of those people I'd wish they'd make actual music for games.

The other talented developers I know (including you) generally stayed in the indie scene and started selling their games. Many got access to the market through XBLIG these days, but some also sell their games directly or via BigFishGames.

Now you probably regret having asked me about it. XD'

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On the Verge of Insanity

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PostPosted: Fri May 11, 2012 11:46 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I think the only one of Orchard's games which you didn't mention was AlphaSix, not counting Saturated Dreamers. Am I forgetting something?
"It is so great it is insanely great."
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