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The Great 2011 Review Contest [REVIEW COUNT: 189]

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 10, 2012 12:08 pm    Post subject: The Great 2011 Review Contest [REVIEW COUNT: 189] Reply with quote

Another year's gone by and that gives us time to reflect on it. With this year's game of the year voting having started, it'd be great to have well-rounded commentary to supplement it. Maybe you didn't get around to playing some of the games and need some incentive to get to it, or maybe you could use some reviews to remember what you played last year. Either way, everyone benefits.


    * Write reviews of 2011 games, post/link them in this thread! The more you write, the better your chances at the raffle prizes!
    * There will be a voting phase at the end for the best reviewer too!
    * If you write a review for all of 2011's games, you're entered into the pool for a GRAND PRIZE!


    * Every review you write for one of 2011's games gives you a raffle ticket.
    * Every review must be at least 3 paragraphs long, with each paragraph being roughly 3-5 sentences long. It should be well written with proper grammar and spelling. The length rule is fairly lenient, just don't write one sentence reviews and you'll probably be fine.
    * Your reviews should sound like you actually played the game.
    * Every 5 entrants to the contest adds another winning raffle ticket to the pool, up to 20 people total (hence, 5 winning tickets).
    * There will be a voting round for which person you felt wrote the best reviews during the contest- the winner will be given a winning ticket as well. Voting will take place before the raffle drawing, and the results of both will be revealed at the same time.
    * All you have to do to be entered is list your reviews in this thread.
    * No one person can win more than one prize- if they get a winning ticket, then their other tickets will be ignored.
    * If you review all 54 games that were made this year, you'll be entered into the pool for winning the GRAND PRIZE. If you made one of the games, then you should do a retrospective/making-of/commentary/etc on it as a substitute for a review.
    * The deadline for reviews is March 25, 2012.
    * You can post your game reviews wherever you want- on slime salad, on CP, in this thread, in Hamster Speak, your website, etc.
    * Reviews written before this contest started are still eligible, just show me a list of them so I can sum them up.


So what's the prize for a winning ticket? You'll get a video review in similar style to the JSH Story of a game of your choice. If you're unfamiliar with the JSH story you can see the samples here:

The GRAND PRIZE will be a video review series of your complete gameography to date.

Prizes will be delivered some time this year, though the grand prize will probably span multiple years if you have many games.


Q: I've never written a review before / I'm bad at writing! I shouldn't enter, right?
A: WRONG. One of the worst parts of this community is that most games only get one review EVER, if they even get one. It makes the authors feel isolated from the community and never bother to come back because why bother if no one is going to play their games? So for once, let people KNOW that you played their games and what you thought of them. Even if your writing isn't the best, authors still appreciate more feedback.

Q: I have like 2 months to write these things! Whoooo! Time to forget about this for 2 months!
A: There are FIFTY FOUR GAMES released this year. And some of them are pretty dang long! If you want to take a decent chunk of reviews out you need to start playing NOW. So set aside your laziness, and start to reminiscence on 2011 before it's too late.

Q: If I win the grand prize do I also get one of the other prizes?
A: No, the grand prize will be drawn before voting begins. Other grand prize eligibles will still get a shot at the other prizes, though.

Q: The Harry Potter games are like one joke for 3 times! How am I supposed to write 9 paragraphs on THAT?
A: Since the HP games are incredibly similar, I'm allowing 1 paragraph reviews for them (or 3 paragraphs of the series) as a special exemption.

Special Thanks
James Paige - Sent the missing copy of Escape the Zombie Hordes.
Willy Elektrix - Sent in the missing copies of The Hall and Spectrum.
JSH - Graciously hosting the missing games.

List of 2011 Games

Unlike the GotY voting, all games, movies, and porn contest games are eligible for reviews.

Armored Devil [JSH357] [Charbile] [Spoonweaver]
Arms Race [Gizmog1] [JSH357] [Charbile] [Spoonweaver]
Angel Whispers [JSH357] [Charbile] [Spoonweaver]
Black Heart of Exile [Charbile] [JSH357] [Spoonweaver]
Bufanda: A Tale of Three Ghosts [Charbile] [JSH357] [Spoonweaver]
Cardians of Lore [JSH357] [Charbile] [Spoonweaver]
Castle on the Night Land [Gizmog1] [Charbile] [JSH357] [Spoonweaver]
Don't Push the Button 2011 [Gizmog1] [JSH357] [Charbile] [Spoonweaver]
Doodle Quest [Gizmog1] [Charbile] [JSH357] [Spoonweaver]
Doom RPG [JSH357] [Mewmew] [Charbile] [Gizmog1] [Spoonweaver]
Dungeon Quest [Gizmog1] [Charbile] [JSH357]
Deforestation [JSH357] [Gizmog1] [Charbile] [Spoonweaver]
Deforestation 2 [JSH357] [Charbile] [Gizmog1] [Spoonweaver]
Deforestation 3 [Charbile] [JSH357] [Gizmog1] [Spoonweaver]
Escape from Strong Castle [Charbile] [JSH357] [Gizmog1] [Spoonweaver]
Escape the Wolf OHR [Mewmew] [JSH357] [Charbile] [Spoonweaver]
Escape the Zombie Horde [JSH357] [Charbile] [Spoonweaver] [Gizmog1]
Fat Frog the Movie [JSH357] [Charbile] [Gizmog1] [Spoonweaver]
Final Dragon Legacy [Gizmog1] [JSH357] [Charbile] [Spoonweaver]
First Fantasy [Shizuma] [JSH357] [Charbile] [Gizmog1] [Spoonweaver]
Forsaken [JSH357] [Charbile] [Spoonweaver]
Grayscale [JSH357] [MewMew] [Charbile] [Gizmog1] [Spoonweaver]
Grey Star Lives [JSH357] [Charbile]
Habla no Ingles: The Movie [JSH357] [Charbile] [Gizmog1] [Spoonweaver]
Harbinger 6EQUJ5 [JSH357] [Charbile]
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets [JSH357] [Charbile] [Gizmog1] [Spoonweaver]
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone [JSH357] [Charbile] [Gizmog1] [Spoonweaver]
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban [JSH357] [Charbile] [Gizmog1] [Spoonweaver]
Heart of the OHR Tribute [Gizmog1] [JSH357] [Charbile] [Spoonweaver]
Kim und Jose [Gizmog1] [JSH357] [Charbile]
Labyrinth (Master K) [JSH357] [Charbile] [RMSephy] [Gizmog1] [Spoonweaver]
Labyrinth (RM Sephy) [JSH357] [Charbile] [Spoonweaver]
Metal Gear Duck [JSH357] [Charbile] [Gizmog1] [Spoonweaver]
Monster Lot [JSH357] [Charbile] [Gizmog1] [Spoonweaver]
Monster out of Six [JSH357] [Charbile] [Spoonweaver]
Motrya for Casuals [Gizmog1] [JSH357] [Charbile]
Mostly Involving Robots [Gizmog1] [JSH357] [Charbile]
Nordomin: Quest of Creole [jsh357] [Gizmog1] [Charbile]
[18+ ONLY] NO EAT [JSH357] [Charbile] [Spoonweaver]
Princess Flesh Cartoon RPG [Gizmog1] [JSH357] [Charbile] [Spoonweaver]
Quest Game [JSH357] [Charbile]
Ruin (25% Demo) [jsh357] [Charbile]
[18+ ONLY] RAEP Dungeon (PM Fenrir-Lunaris for link)[jsh357] [Charbile] [Spoonweaver]
Spectrum [JSH357] [Charbile]
Spellshard: The Black Crown of Horgoth [JSH357] [Charbile] [Spoonweaver]
Star Quest [JSH357] [Charbile]
The HangovOHR [JSH357] [Gizmog1] [Charbile] [Spoonweaver]
The Hall [JSH357] [Charbile] [Spoonweaver]
The Tower [Gizmog1] [JSH357] [Charbile] [Spoonweaver]
There is Nothing Left [Gizmog1] [JSH357] [Charbile] [Spoonweaver]
Triangle [JSH357] [Gizmog1] [Charbile] [Spoonweaver]
[18+ ONLY] Transylvania Girls [Shizuma] [JSH357] [Charbile] [Spoonweaver]
Virtual School 2 [JSH357] [Charbile] [Spoonweaver]
Weegee [jsh357] [Gizmog1] [Charbile] [Spoonweaver]

List Adjustments

Angel Whispers' 2011 demo was added to the list since there was no apparent reason for its absence. Forest Temple has been removed from the list on grounds of being a tech demo. Motrya for Casuals was also added to the list earlier.

Review Leaderboard
JSH357: 54 (Grand Prize Qualifier #1!) [Summary]
Charbile: 54 (Grand Prize Qualifier #2!) [Summary]
Spoonweaver: 43
TheGiz: 32 [Index] (Index has Bonus Content!)
MewMew: 3
Shizuma: 2
RMSephy: 1

Current Prize Pool: 1 grand prize, 1 vote prize, 2 regular prizes (7 entrants).
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