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Zenzizenzic stable release

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Bob the Hamster
OHRRPGCE Developer

Joined: 22 Feb 2003
Posts: 2526
Location: Hamster Republic (Southern California Enclave)

PostPosted: Fri May 06, 2011 12:17 pm    Post subject: Zenzizenzic stable release Reply with quote

The Zenzizenzic stable release has been released!

Downloads here

There will be a Mac OS X version of it too, but that has not been uploaded yet.

Here is what is new:

  * New Features
    * Ported  to Mac OS X! (Intel Macs only) [Ralph]
    * New general bitset "Locked heroes can't be re-ordered" [James]
    * Slice collection editor can create complex collections of slices
      to load into plotscripts [James]
    * New general bitset, "Attack captions pause battle meters" [James]
    * Savegames are now in a new format. Instead of a gamename.sav
      file you will have a gamename.saves folder. (the conversion is
      automagical and you will not lose any saves) [James]
    * Rewrote script usage menu to be enormously faster and sort
      scripts into numerical/alphabetical order [Ralph]
    * You may now have up to 500 NPC definitions per map [Ralph]
    * Maximum map size raised to 100,000 tiles [Ralph]
    * New menu item bitset to suppress the on-load script if the
      menu item closes the menu [James]
    * New menu feature to automatically open another menu when you
      close the current menu with ESC [James]
    * Expanded (and fixed) Erase Map Data menu [Ralph]
    * The line and oval tools are now pleasant to use instead of
      teeth-gnashingly awful, and the pixels in the tile editor are
      no longer stretched [Ralph]
    * Added Replace Colour tool to tile and sprite editors [Ralph]
    * New general bitset "Don't randomize battle ready meters" [James]
    * New attack bitset "Delay doesn't block further actions" allows
      attacks to be queued without blocking the attacker from taking
      other actions [James]
    * Jay Tennant's gfx_directx is now the default graphics backend
      under Windows (automatic fallback to gfx_sdl on old computers).
      Click the window icon to access gfx_directx's Options menu, and
      drag the corner of the window to change zoom!
    * gfx_directx input rewrite: adds joystick support, normal mouse
      speed/acceleration, removes forced mouse clipping and adds
      "mouse region" support [Jay]
    * gfx_directx expanded hardware support [Jay]
    * gfx_directx added option in Options dialog to disable system
      messages (like Alt-Space) from operating--Alt-Tab and Alt-Enter
      still function as expected [Jay]
    * When using an item in the item menu, there is now visual feedback
      when you use the last item in a stack. [James]
    * Lots of new scancodes added for scripts: you can now, for example,
      tell apart Numpad 2 and the Down key. You have to turn on the
      general bitset "Enable better scancodes" for these to fully work,
      see "key is pressed" in the dictionary for more details. [Ralph]
    * New dissolve animations Squeeze, Shrink and Flicker [Ralph]
    * Page up/page down/home/end keys now work in most built-in
      in-game menus [Ralph]
    * You can set a cap on the maximum hero level, from 0 to 99 [Ralph]
    * (Anti-feature) The internal password format has changed a 3rd
      time. Old utilities and versions of Custom will not be able to
      open passworded games; remove the password to use them. [Ralph]
    * Lots of element related stuff:
      * Enemy, hero, and equipment elemental strong/weak/absorb bits
        have been replaced with percentage-based "Damage from <element>"
        options. The second Status menu screen now shows percentages.
      * Attack "Fail vs. <element> resistance" bits have been replaced
        with percentage-based elemental resistance failure thresholds.
      * The enemy types have been replaced by elements 9-16: "Is
        <enemytype>", "Bonus to <enemytype>" and "Fail vs. <enemytype>"
        have been translated to elemental equivalents.
      * In Battle System Options you can select from three formulae
        for combining equipment elemental resistances into the
        effective elemental resistances for heroes.
      * You can now have up to 64 elements (you have to set a
        higher number of elements before they become available).
    * You can select menu items on Custom's main menu and graphics menu
      by hotkey (eg. I for Edit Items or Import Music) [Ralph]
    * Ctrl+F8 debug to print out the slice tree to g_debug.txt
    * Added Zones to maps. A zone is just a group of tiles on the map,
      with data attached (sadly no triggers are implemented yet). There
      are 9999 zones per map. Each NPC type may have a 'movement zone',
      confining where it can move. [Ralph]
    * Added drawing tools -- Draw, Box, Fill, Replace, and Paint
      Tilemap -- to the map editor, available in Tile, Wall, Foe, and
      Zone modes! [Ralph]
    * Press Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y to Undo and Redo changes in the tilemap,
      wallmap, foemap, and zonemap editors! These share a single
      near-infinite history. Certain operations delete the history.
    * Attack maximum Extra Damage raised to 32767%
    * You can customise the amount of experience given to heroes not
      in the active party in the Battle System Options menu [Ralph]
    * Import .hss files in Custom, and they will be automatically
      compiled with hspeak [Ralph]

  * Bugfixes
    * Bug 749: Attacks configured to do No Damage still do damage when
      used outside battle [James]
    * Bug 819: %-based attacks don't heal outside of battle [James]
    * Bug 9: Elemental strength/weakness/absorbtion is not yet applied
      to spells used outside of battle. [James]
    * Fixed a case where "add hero" could add more heroes than you
      are supposed to be able to have under certain conditions [James]
    * Bug 486: Chained attacks fail on stored dead targets
      [James, msw188]
    * Bug 851: Instead-chains fail or cause other chains to fail under
      certain conditions [James msw188]
    * Using an item that triggers a text box could cause a menu
      double-close warning if the menu item that opened the items menu
      was set to always close the menu [James]
    * Bug 845: upgrading old games that contain no shop stuff lump
      always produced a confusing warning [James]
    * 'Set tag', 'Toggle tag' and 'Close menu' options were ignored
      when menu items were triggered via "use menu item" [Ralph]
    * NPCs appearance was not updated according to tags set from a
      menu item or from the tag debug menu [Ralph]
    * "create NPC" could create NPCs with garbage 'extra data' [Ralph]
    * gfx_directx: fixed garbage and window resizing at startup [Jay]
    * gfx_directx: fixed slow screen fades and framerate [Jay]
    * gfx_directx: added support for all all key scancodes [Ralph, Jay]
    * gfx_directx: fixed fast keypresses being lost [Ralph, Jay]
    * gfx_directx: fixed keyboard/mouse clearing state leaving window [Jay]
    * gfx_directx: fixed graphical errors in Vista/Win7 [Jay]
    * gfx_directx: fixed Ctrl-Alt-Del crashes in Vista/Win7 [Jay]
    * gfx_directx: fixed slow downs caused by leaving the window [Jay]
    * gfx_directx: fixed window resizing/engine cursor issues [Jay]
    * gfx_directx: fixed garbage occurring when enabling/disabling
      Aspect Ratio Preservation in Options dialog [Jay]
    * Your MP (and the rest of the spell menu) is no longer hidden
      while you target a spell outside of battle. [James]
    * Scrolling a sprite or a maptile is now done with the new scroll
      tool instead of holding down the CAPSLOCK key, which was rather
      annoying. You can now click and drag to scroll. [Ralph]
    * Getting the maptile under the cursor is now done with the G key
      (instead of the CAPSLOCK key, which we can all agree was
      confusing!) [James]
    * "string to globals" and "globals to string" weren't working
      with global variable IDs > 1024 [Ralph]
    * Bug 863: "load tileset" and "change tileset" did not
      (completely) work on map layers 3 and above [Ralph]
    * music_sdl no longer secretly keeps seperate volume levels for
      MIDIs and non-MIDIs, which confused people and broke fading
      scripts. [Ralph]
    * Cursor, accept and cancel sound effects weren't used in battles
    * Could not exit from empty menus with Esc key [Ralph]
    * Fixes to fatal error reporting: no longer gives the option to
      continue if it means corrupting the game, and Custom no longer
      deletes working.tmp, so that you can recover your work [Ralph]
    * "horiz flip sprite" and "vert flip sprite" reset the sprite's
      palette to default [Ralph]
    * Trying to reorder map layers if there's only one crashed [Ralph]
    * Bug 865: Slices attached to map layer 0 were drawn on top of all
      map layers [Ralph]
    * Fixed an assortment of 19 bugs in HSpeak: crashes, missing error
      checking, miscompiling and misoptimising scripts, incorrect
      error messages [Ralph]
    * Bug 827: Flood fill in the sprite editors could count all pixels
      of one colour around the sprite edges as connected [Ralph]

  * New Plotscripting Stuff
    * You may no longer used the characters ", $ or = in script and
      variable names.
    * "include" is parsed differently; enclose your filenames in quotes
      if they contain spaces, a path, or are case sensitive
    * "reset hero picture" and "reset hero palette" [James]
    * "set slice clipping", "get slice clipping" [James, Ralph]
    * "create grid", "slice is grid", "set grid columns",
      "get grid columns", "set grid rows", "get grid rows",
      "show grid", "grid is shown" [James]
    * "load slice collection" [James]
    * "add hero" command now returns the party slot it added the hero
      to, or -1 if the party is full. [James]
    * "set slice edge x", "set slice edge y" [James]
    * "get slice lookup", "set slice lookup" [James]
    * "trace value" [Ralph]
    * "abs", "sign", "sqrt" [Ralph]
    * "map cure" replaces deprecated "outside battle cure" [James]
    * "read attack name" replaces deprecated "get attack name" [James]
    * "spells learned" replaces deprecated "spells learnt" [James]
    * "allocate timers" (removes 16 timer limit) [Ralph, James]
    * New script trigger for when you close a menu. [James]
    * "set npc ignores walls", "get npc ignores walls",
      "set npc obstructs", "get npc obstructs", "set npc usable",
      "get npc usable", "set npc moves", "get npc moves" [Ralph]
    * "init mouse" no longer locks the mouse to the window
    * "read zone", "write zone", "zone at spot",
      "zone number of tiles", "get zone name", "get zone extra",
      "set zone extra" [Ralph]
    * "use item", "use item in slot" [James]
    * "map width" and "map height" now take an optional argument,
      the map number [Ralph]
    * "mouse click"; you can test the middle mouse button now [Ralph]
    * "extended scancodes enabled" [Ralph]
    * Resolution of "get/set music volume" increased [Ralph]
    * "get level cap", "set level cap" [Ralph]
    * "load backdrop sprite", "replace backdrop sprite",
      "set sprite trans", "get sprite trans" [Ralph]
    * "hero base elemental resist as int",
      "set hero base elemental resist",
      "hero total elemental resist as int" [Ralph]

  * Vikings of Midgard

  * Stuff Only Developers Will Notice
    * Test suite and benchmarks for RELOAD format [Mike]
    * Comprehensive SCons-based build system, to replace all the others
      [David Gowers]
    * Generic resizable arrays ('vector's) to replace FreeBASIC's
      horrible builtin arrays. This is why you should not rush
      programming language features :) [Ralph]
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