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Utility--Text Import Template
Pepsi Ranger

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Download: 2 KB Added Tue Sep 23, 2008 2:55 pm
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Description [-]
This template is meant to make OHR dialogue editing in Microsoft Word a little easier. Just write what you want in the first box starting with Box 1 (not 0). If you fill up eight lines or finish the necessary dialogue for that particular box, then copy/paste the 38 equal signs, box number, and 38 dashes below the last line and then change the box number to whatever comes next and write some more.

Or write a continuous chain and divide them later. Doesn't matter. Just make sure each box has eight lines or less.

Text will automatically wrap to the next line when you reach the 38th character slot.

When you're finished, be sure to save in the .txt format.

To make this Microsoft Word template available for use, place it in the following folder:

C:/Program Files/Microsoft Office/Templates/

You should see a file there called "" If you do, then you found the right folder. Drop it there.

Then open Word, select "New Document" and you should see "OHRRPGCE.DOT next to "Blank." Click on that to use the template.

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