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Eldardeen(TECH DEMO)
Artimus Bena
Game is in demo stage
Download: 765 KB Added Mon May 07, 2007 2:21 am
Total Download count: 260
Number of reviews: 0
Average Grade: N/A
Description [-]
Sneaking game!


In the heart of Eldardeen, the Island Fortress, King Bylom, a vile, child-like emperor who calls himself Enchantae
after the hero in an old fable,
has begun to move his troops into position to take the last unconquered territory in the known world.

You are Wedonkind, a tall, dark-haired rogue who has ironically become the unofficial leader of a scattered resistance
to Enchantae's totalitarian rule.

Eldan, a gifted Seerin Master, personal guard to Enchantae, has secretly broken his loyalty to the throne by asking you
to infiltrate Eldardeen, sneak into
Enchantae's highly guarded tower...

...and murder him.


Technical Demonstration 1.0

Direction, music, story and graphics*: Artimus Bena
Elite Programming Skills: The Mad Cacti

*The only bit of graphics not done by Bena is the hero sprite. This sprite was drawn for him by RMSephy for a very old
project that never saw the light of day.

[If you are interested in drawing sprites for this project, please send some samples, your own version of the guard sprite
contained in this demo, or your interpretation of Wedonkind based on the description above. Must also have superior animation skills.]

Go up to the box of stones in the starting map and press the Use key (enter) to fill your pouch (you can carry a maximum of 10 pebbles).
To throw pebbles press the Space Bar. The noise from the thrown pebble will distract any guards in the vicinity for a short period of time.

Your challenge is to go from c1 (see the file named "TECHDEMOMAP" enclosed), all the way back around to c2 without getting caught (an extra challenge if you can do it before the timer runs out). If you are seen, you will be sent back to the shed. Don't forget to fill your pouch with pebbles again. They are very useful.

Special Features:

-gamemap.png is an early projection of what the full game's areas will be, and how they are connected. The demo is Section 5.
-island.bmp is a computer generated terrain used in the title's background. It is supposed to be a
shot of the island of Faardale, where Eldardeen is located.
-world.bmp is a very general map of the entire world. This map will probably only be referenced to in the game, there really will not be that great a need for it.

-And the best special feature of all: Bena and TMC made this... bitch.


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