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Patamon's Adventure 2
Game is in production
Download: 745 KB Updated Wed Sep 19, 2007 4:43 pm
Total Download count: 201
Number of reviews: 0
Average Grade: N/A
Description [-]
I must've rushed the first game. After I released the final version,
I noticed that the game was much shorter than the original plans.
Soon after, I started on a new game, which included most of the old content,
most of what else was in the original plan, and some entirely new stuff.
I guess I lost interest, because I stopped working on it for a while,
started again, and then stopped until just this summer.
Now, almost 2 years after uploading the last version of Patamon's Adventure,
I'm uploading the new one, Patamon's Adventure 2.
Even if I wait 2 years again, at least you'll know what probably happened.

This is like the old one, yet it's different.
At first, you'll notice a few things: the graphics are a little nicer,
some of the maps have been completely remade (bigger and better),
there's more detail, and some events are new/different/rearranged.
Later, you'll find more and more new places and characters,
and then, most of the game will be all-new starting at a certain point.
You'll find more references to existing video games, and more craziness.
(Where else can you fight a 1337, r@inb0w-c0l0ured h0rs3????///)
Unfortunately, the battle system is still fast and strategy-less. :(
But still, the game is way bigger and better than the original.
Once this is finished, it will be like a replacement for the original.
(The only reason for the original will be to show the old stuff.
Some of it was changed or even removed, so there's still one reason.)
So... check this out if you've finished Patamon's Adventure already.

I blocked off the latest areas of the game, so it should be safe for you to
just go ahead and play through as far as you can. (One block is a
green square that closes off Twinkle Park. The other one is a bunch of
NPCs on an island that can be reached by airship.)
There's still a very slight risk that the tags could be messed up
and that they'll make your save file useless when the next version comes.
(I'm pretty sure everything's okay, but I could've forgotten things
by not working on the game for so long.)
You'll probably just see some rough maps (reused tiles) and some weird
NPCs which either use another character's graphics and a weird palette
(no graphics available so far), or look like weirdly-coloured NPCs
but are actually supposed to be invisible event/text box triggers
(I give them graphics so I can keep track of them).

Sept 19, 2007 UPDATE!
There's nothing really significant here, but I have gone back and started working a little on the game, and I've fixed up little problems here and there, made some new CG backgrounds, and added a secret that is probably next to impossible to find now, although it may become part of the main story later on. But the point is, work on PA2 has resumed!

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