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Hikari no Senshi - Inperiaru Taisen (23rd May Plotscript Fixing Release)
Game is in demo stage
Download: 645 KB Updated Sat May 22, 2004 8:20 pm
Total Download count: 1486
Number of reviews: 0
Average Grade: N/A
Description [-]
The Universe was barren, a wasteland. Remnants of the once powerful Akaino Empire lay scattered across the emptiness of space. The almost infinite power of the planet Lethasyne, their leader Kanemi, and her fearless warriors the Ankoku no Senshi caused this unrest and chaos among everyone, threatening the entire existence of all living things.

However, years later, the sole remaining survivors of the planet Inversia, where the central stronghold of the Akaino Empire once resided, banded together and used their dying magic to form a new empire over the ashes of the old one.

The result - A new empire known as the Crimson Moon Alliance.

And, so the planet of Lethasyne could never rise up again and destroy the universe, the Hikari no Senshi, a group of warriors, were born.

Among this group of Hikari no Senshi warriors was a woman named Shinsetsu, who was born on Earth. She was cursed with the power of guarding the Time Corridor (a place which one can use to traverse time and space, for good or evil purposes), hence enslaving her. Now, after centuries of following orders from a tyrant she is out to destroy the very evil which enslaved her in the first place.

Her mission - To protect everyone from Selera and the Imperial Empire. At any cost.

THIS IS ONLY A DEMO RELEASE!!! (In other words, it's not finished!!)
This is the redesigned version of this game, featuring new layouts, houses and overall better playability. Also, some of the plotscripts have been tweaked so the game runs smoothly.

This demo ends shortly after you defeat Selera. In later versions the game will span 5 generations of Hikari no Senshi, as well as venturing into the other groups in the Crimson Moon Alliance and their battle against the Imperial Empire.

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