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The Parson's Apprentice's Tale
This is the final version
Download: 348 KB Updated Sat Jan 15, 2005 12:58 pm
Total Download count: 231
Number of reviews: 0
Average Grade: N/A
Description [-]
My first finished game, and probably my favorite among my older ones. The verse is rather awkwardly written, but the music choice is great, I think, and I worked with some great people who did great things to contribute to this game. My brother Liam made some pretty hot tiles, and Melnazar drew some beautiful cutscenes. There are still some mildly embarrassing parts, but all in all, I'm rather satisfied with how this game turned out.

I mean, it did win the 2001 Human Day Contest, after all.
This doesn't mean I like this old description (i'll rewrite it one day, i'm sure):

"It regards a young man named Greg, who has discovered that his girlfriend, Sabrina, whom he has not seen in four years, is pledged to be wed. He is then intent on traveling to her home in order to verify such news with the company of his friend Josh, the apprentice to a parson, as well as the narrator of this tale.

The story to this game is based, quite closely, off of a poem I wrote with 250+ lines. For this reason, I have classified it as a short epic. This game is quite different from most in the sense that it is entirely written in verse, and that it includes almost no gameplay. It includes a single battle sequence that has no pertinence to the game itself. This sequence was included for the sake of those that need more than story to satisfy their gaming cravings.

This critically acclaimed game has received the scorn of fools and the praise of those of adequate intelligence. It is not a game to satisfy a need for gameplay. Rather, it is a game for those that enjoy story above all. A member of the up-and-coming genre of the "OHR Movie",
The Parson's Apprentice's Tale is not your typical game. It is not for the mainstream gamer, but rather for the gamer with a more refined taste."

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