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Metroid Xtreme
Game is in production
Added Sun Aug 17, 2003 1:58 pm
Total Download count: 0
Number of reviews: 0
Average Grade: N/A
Description [-]
Well, no, actually I'm Komera. Alphaknight would be my husband which you guys occationally hear me talk about. I don't actually expect him to come to the forums, much less talk on them. Once upon a long time ago, Alphaknight started a couple of OHR games (alpha.rpg and metroidx.rpg) when I was showing him just how much fun the OHR was. He always meant to work on them, but that he cannot produce decent graphics for himself (original, or ripped) turned into a long term turnoff.

Tired of watching Alphaknight's continually stymed efforts, I thus began ripping graphics for him... oh HUSH UP! I have several reasons for not making original graphics this time around! Anyway, only then was Alphaknight able to get an appreciable amount of work done... having something to actually LOOK at.

There is no game to download because the game only has one working room currently, which is being used to test battles and attacks. I suspect that a working demo of the game won't come out until I find some metroid-appropriate walkabouts to rip (I'm open to suggestions, and if anyone has them... contact Komera, not Alphaknight). But at anyrate... I thought I'd reserve a spot for the game.

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