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Castle Paradox
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    1) 5.0000
        AW - Unsettling Theme by Rimudora
        Bob the Gangsta by 8bit
        That Money [DEMO] by 8bit
    2) 4.5000
        Classical Dream by Setu_Firestorm
        AW - The Steel Angel's Frenzy by Rimudora
Junkyard Bob's Mission: Impossible
Pepsi Ranger
Game is in demo stage
Download: 146 KB Added Fri Jul 18, 2003 5:55 am
Total Download count: 370
Number of reviews: 0
Average Grade: N/A
Description [-]
You met him on Powerstick Man's great adventure. You helped him get back home because it was just a nice thing to do. You fought alongside him when things got tough. You watched his dog violate the competition because it's just so true to the heart. Now it's time to take him on his own private journey. Enter Junkyard Bob and his faithful mutt Dumpy.

The mission was simple. Break into the military research and production facility, infiltrate the high-security weapons room, grab the legendary Junk Drop Crane, and get the heck out of Dodge. But once the job started, good old Bob realized that some missions really weren't just a measly walk through the park.

Features split team action that allows team members to go their separate ways to solve different puzzles.

The current file is merely a technology demo to show how the split team action works. Includes plotscript and open custom for the curious ones.

Actual game will be worked on at a later date.

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