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Castle Paradox
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    1) Surlaw Armageddon by The Wobbler
    2) K'hyurbhi Lands, The by FnrrfYgmSchnish
    3) Masks 15 pages by TheCrimsonDM
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    5) Hero: Lost in Animal World by TheCrimsonDM
The Zombie King
Game is in production
Added Sun Mar 27, 2005 7:09 pm
Total Download count: 0
Number of reviews: 0
Average Grade: N/A
Description [-]
A young musician, turned scientist, attempts to ressurect his lost beloved and unwittingly breaks the barrier between the worlds of the living and the dead, releasing an army of undead creatures upon American Suburbia.

-Original Animated Cut Scenes
-New Battle System with Multi-Character Combo System
-Original Menus with Character Profiles

Possible Features:
-Diagonal Map Movement
-Isometric 3D Environments

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