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The Adventures of Powerstick Man: XE (HotOHR Version)
Pepsi Ranger
Game is in demo stage
Added Fri Jul 22, 2011 9:01 pm
Total Download count: 0
Number of reviews: 0
Average Grade: N/A
Description [-]
To kick off the 2010 Heart of the OHR Contest, I released a preview copy of my long in-development game The Adventures of Powerstick Man: Extended Edition. Ironically, some people who played it decided to vote it into the Top 30 for Summer 2011. Unfortunately, due to restrictions regarding the need for a game to be publicly available before it can be considered for the poll, those votes would have to be thrown out if the game wasn't on this site or Slime Salad. So, I'm uploading the old HotOHR version of the file to legitimize the votes. I'm also uploading it for archival purposes.

Warnings: Because this was originally released as a preview for the contest and not as a typical release, I did not work out all the bugs that I normally would've stomped prior to release. So, there's a chance this could break somewhere. Also, I didn't want the official Extended Edition release spoiled once the time came to release it, so I had implemented a time stamp on this game to expire on March 1, 2011 to prevent players from playing an obsolete file too close to the new version. Granted, the stamp doesn't prevent you from starting the game, but it does prevent you from loading a save file. So, if you insist on playing it to the end, you'll have to do it in one sitting, and that may take you about 12 hours. (Unless you can figure out the code to undo the timelock...)

Moral of the Story: This is made public only to legitimize the Top 30. You'll be better off playing the official release when I hopefully finish it in the coming year or two.

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