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OHRRPGCE Stable Release (Dwimmercrafty+1) - Thursday August 31st 2017 at 4:04 PM
[Edit: Dwimmercrafty+1 has been released! See below]

A new stable ohrrpgce release is upon us!

Download it for your platform here:

Here are a few highlights of the new features:

* NPC pathfinding, and other new NPC movetypes including follow-walls
* Record .gif videos with Ctrl-F12
* More map layers, hero definitions, and global variables
* More info shown in-game in shops and spell lists
* One-way walls
* Lots of new in-game debug keys/F8 debug menu options, and a similar new menu in Custom accessed with F9
* Can jump to item, attack, enemy, textbox and npc editors from other editors
* Lots of progress on mouse support
* On Windows, Custom's window is now resizable; resizing works almost everywhere
* Sound effect volume control

Or see for more details

dwimmercrafty+1 released!

Fixed a critical bug that erased On-Death-Bequest attacks and Non-Elemental-Counterattacks from all enemies when a game was loaded into custom. If you lost enemy data, and you still have a backup copy of your game from before August 29 2017, please ask the developers for help on the Forums. (this bug also affected nightly wip builds from 2017-08-29 thru 2017-09-21)

Bob the Hamster
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OHRRPGCE stable release Callipygous+1 - Monday June 6th 2016 at 9:31 PM
We have a new bugfix release of Callipygous for you today which fixes a number of bugs, especially some major ones afflicting Mac users. If you are using gfx_sdl (Mac or Linux) then there are also some improvements to running Custom in a larger window.

Callipygous release thread

Don't forget that if you are using nightly builds then you should NOT switch to Callipygous+1; it would be an incompatible downgrade.

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OHRRPGCE stable release (callipygous) - Monday April 4th 2016 at 4:15 PM
Today the latest stable version of the OHRRPGCE is officially released!

It is codenamed callipygous

Many thanks to everybody who has been testing nightly wip builds and testing the release candidate-- and of course, the biggest thanks of all to TMC, who did tons and tons of hard work on this release

The full details about what is new is in but some of the highlights are:

* Android port is considered stable (not available in the "Distribute Game" menu yet)
* The map editor works at larger window sizes (simply maximize custom)
* Map editor clone tool has merge/replace modes
* You can increase the number of save slots available from 4 to 32
* Improved import of sprite sets
* Plot strings and slices can be saved in save-games
* You can specify an icon for your game to use when exporting it from the "Distribute Game" menu
* Press F8 while playing to show a debug menu (only if the game allows debug keys)
* You can make battle formations that set a tag when you win, or prevent game-over on death without needing to script it.
* The textbox editor now wraps text as you type
* Semi-experimental feature to change the FPS (works reliably to speed up the frame rate, but all animation speeds get faster too)
* Hero positions can be customized in formations
* Added options to set how large the game's window should be by default
* "Windowed" and "Fullscreen" special menu items (you have to add these manually to old games)

And of course heaps of bugfixes, other improvements and features, and a bunch of new plotscripting commands.

Visit the Download page to get it.

Bob the Hamster
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Take on the Evil Dead (Update Thread) - Thursday March 31st 2016 at 1:41 PM

17 years later...

I hate leaving loose ends, and my third take of Evil Dead was my big loose end when it comes to my gaming projects. Aside from dabbling with Doom mods here and there, Evil Dead: Timeline was the first game I ever worked on. This was back in 1999 and I was young, 18 year old, whipper snapper back then who had a passion for two things: horror movies and video games. I was studying film at the time but it was then I realized that my true calling was in making games. So that's when I came across OHRRPGCE and began working on a fan game based on the Evil Dead movies. From that point I made an early beta (released as Evil Dead Weird) and two fleshed out demos (called Evil Dead: Timeline Take 1 and 2).

Evil Dead Weird File, Evil Dead: Timeline Take 2 File

After releasing ED:T Take 2, I started on making the full game dubbed "Take 3". I got as far as reworking the main map and a few enemies, but then a computer crash later and I lost everything. Burnt by the loss I then moved on from that project to focus on the challenges of a bigger game known as the early 20s.

Six years later, in 2005, once my life started to calm down, I decided to take on ED:T Take 3 again. This time it had been re-titled Tales of the Evil Dead. I reworked a lot of the graphics and had new maps, enemies, and scenarios created. I cut back some on the story elements and focused more on the moment to moment gameplay.This version was shaping up to be a far more polished and well rounded experience than the original Take 3 was.

But then it happened once again. My computer kicked the bucket. The backup I thought I had was missing and the ghost of the game still sits on the hard-drive somewhere buried deep within a dark closet. I never was able to extract that file. The only thing that exists from that version are a few blurry screenshots that I posted here way back then (under my original moniker, AshRaimi)

I buried the game, deeming Evil Dead Take 3 to be cursed. I put it in the past and moved on to new gaming projects.

Cut forward eleven years, I decided to put together my own little blog site of projects I had worked on. While putting it together, I was going back through my earlier games wondering how I would have made those today with more experience under my belt. At first I was just going to clean up some of the problems ED:T Take 2 had with the new Engine while also fixing some of the game's problems, but like the Kandarian Demons of the films chanting "JOIN US" I couldn't resist the temptation... It was time to take on Take 3 one more time.

As they say "Third time's a charm", right?

The New Game:

Rebuilt from the ground up, mostly from scratch, Evil Dead Take 3 is a new game. Only snippets of ideas from the original version remain. The game has a new title, Take on the Evil Dead, and very much plays into that.

The central theme of this game is to be something in the vein of a "Saturday Evening Horror RPG". I wanted to retool some of the design of the original game to go a bit more in line of the movies: less plot heavy, more taking care of random situations. The movies were essentially a live action horror version of Saturday Morning cartoons, so I wanted this game to reflect that.

Story-wise this game is still set in an alternate timeline after the events of Army of Darkness, ignoring the recent TV series and reboot. Ash wakes up back at the cabin, things happen. It's intentionally kept basic much like the films. Don't expect much in the way of character development or dramatic turns in the story. This is being looked at as a pure game play type of game.

The other aspects of the movies I wanted to bring into this game was a feeling of trying to survive at all costs. That's where the new central mechanic of the game came in. The object of this game is to survive until dawn. In the films there was a feeling of escalation. The closer to dawn it got, the harder the evil tried to fight back. So there's a bit of a time limit running throughout the course of the game. As for how long, I haven't quite determined that yet as I'm still working out a lot of the design and haven't done a test run-through yet. It will be short and will allow replay-ability. Also this limitation will greatly help keep the game design tight and myself in check so things don't get too blown out of proportion.

Also I'm trying to experiment with a few other ideas that are a bit unconventional when it comes to RPGs. I will go more into those in a later update.

The original Evil Dead: Timeline was also known to be rather difficult as well. This game will still be tough, but not in the same way as Timeline was. You will probably lose, and more than once. Maybe a lot! I'm hoping it will be something that will push the player to put a notepad in hand and experiment a bit to see what works and what doesn't, and to see what their best route for survival is.

The New Look:

I made Evil Dead: Timeline back when I was 18. It was the first time I really made an attempt at pixel art. At the time I had to reference other game sprites or rework others. Backgrounds were a bit of an unholy mishmash of my stuff and sprites from Ghouls 'n Ghosts. Ash was a reworking of Capcom's Strider. Maptiles were too dark at times, and then there was my weird "big eyed" art style I had going on at that age. Some people here really liked the graphics, but I tend to cringe when I see them. I guess they had their charm. Since then I've kind of developed my own pixel style and started recreating the game's graphics. Keep in mind these shots following are still a work in progress and will more than likely receive a few more tweaks down the road.

So the first thing to change: Ash.

The original Ash sprite was just a reworked Strider sprite with awkward legs and giant, gorilla-like arms. Since I didn't want to keep the "ported" sprites I completely redesigned him with a bit of that Saturday Morning cartoon mentality in mind:

By redesigning him first it allowed me to better disassociate from the previous Takes and make this feel like a new game again.

Only a few graphics from the original remain. The cabin and the tool shed sprites were going to be redesigned but when I looked at the originals I realized that I still very much liked how I handled those. A few color corrections, some slight changes here & there, and I decided to keep them in this version.

Several of the core enemies from the original make a return too but are redesigned as well. Like the pulps for example:

Also since I still had a few blurry images left of the 2005 attempt I thought it would be nice to rework those images and enemies as well:

Ok so enough of the blabber. Here are some shots of the current build. These basically constitute what you might have seen in the previous versions. I want to try to keep all the new stuff in the deck until the game comes out.

What's to come:

The plan is that at the end of each month until the game's release I will trickle out a few more shots and info. Considering that this is a fan game based on a film property I don't want to spend too much time on it, so I hope to have this finished in three to four months. Hopefully if all goes well (knock on wood) then this should release no later than the end of July. Graphics are time consuming part. Once all those are done I should have a better understanding as to how long it will take. If it looks like it will take longer I'll be sure to update on the progress. Oh and before someone asks, I have multiple backups this time so it will take more than a computer crash to lose this version.

Beyond the release I would like to re-purpose some of the assets and detach it from the Evil Dead name so I can expand on some of these ideas in a future RPG. It probably won't be done in OHRRPGCE (sorry James) as there are a lot of things I would like to add that the engine unfortunately isn't able to do. But that will be for a future update, probably another seven years later.

Anyways, it's great to be back in the OHR community making stuff again!

Replies (14)

Please test the OHRRPGCE callipygous release candidate! - Tuesday March 22nd 2016 at 8:24 AM
Thanks to several flurries of hard work by TMC, we are almost ready to release the latest stable version of the ohrrpgce, codenamed callipygous!

I would like to ask everyone to please download and test the release candidate build, and see how it works for you.

Download for Windows (.zip)
Download for Windows (.exe)
Download for Mac

This is not quite the stable release yet, but if we get positive feedback from testing, and nobody encounters any nasty bugs, the official stable release could happen as soon as next week.

Also, for anyone who is not already aware, opening and re-saving your rpg file in a new version of custom will upgrade the file format, and it will no longer be possible to go back and edit it with an older version of custom. Make backups if this worries you (You should be making backups all the time anyway!!!)

And finally, here is the list of stuff that has changed since beelzebufo

If you have any questions, please ask!

Bob the Hamster
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