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    1) Bug on the Wall reviewed by JSH357
    2) Tightfloss Maiden reviewed by yhposolihP
    3) A Blank Mind reviewed by Dorumagesu
    4) Long Journey Home, The reviewed by Spoon Weaver
    5) Okédoké! reviewed by Baconlabs
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OFFICIAL OHRRPGCE RANDOM COLAB CONTEST - Friday February 14th 2014 at 3:11 PM

This year the OFFICIAL OHRRPGCE RANDOM COLAB CONTEST will be held during the last 2 weeks of February. Sign Up has just completed. Each Team has till March 1st to turn in their entry. More information and team comments are available over at slimesalad:

For those of you that don't know, or those of you that do and perhaps would like me to explain more anyways so things aren't super vague and shady, the OFFICIAL OHRRPGCE RANDOM COLAB CONTEST is a video game development contest being hosted here at Slimesalad. Contestants will sign up and then be randomly paired up with another contestant. These pairs will then work together as teams to develop a game within the contest's time frame. In order for the game to be accepted, both team members must have worked on the game and agree to enter the game as their team's entry. Also, the game has to be developed using the OHRRPGCE.

Contestants of last year's contest have asked me to limit the contestants to those people that have at least uploaded a single game in the past at some point, so they have some sort of idea of their potential team's game development abilities. So please keep this in mind.

Choosing the Winners:
A voting thread will be posted on this forum starting in march, and remain active until about half way through march. Like March 15th I guess. The game with the most votes will win the prize.

The first prize of the contest is fan art from all the other contestants. This means, that by entering you agree to the possibility of being forced to draw fan art of the game that wins and delivering it to the winners somehow (possibly by posting it on this forum). Failure to do so will result in banishment from the internet.

The second prize of the contest is word of mouth marketing from all the other contestants. This means, that by entering you agree to the possibility of being forced to tell at least one person outside of the OHR community of the team's game. Failure to do so will result in banishment from the internet.


TMC & Master K

Momoka & The Giz

RMSephy & marionline

BMR & Pheonix

SDhawk & Ichiro

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Sweet Home: OHR Ver. - Tuesday December 31st 2013 at 7:52 PM
I've been toying around with the idea of an OHR version of Sweet Home for about 2 years. It's a Capcom horror game released only in Japan for the Famicom, and served as the base for Resident Evil.

OHRRPGCE in-development screen:

Anyone interested in helping out? Three people, myself included, are already working on the translation. We could use a hand with graphics, palette updating and scripting.

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Motrya 50% Version Released - Monday September 9th 2013 at 10:11 AM
I forgot to announce this here. The new Chapter of Motrya is available for download, and for those of you waiting on the soundtrack, it's complete now.

If possible, please reply to the thread here instead, but you know, whatevs:

Today, after several years of elbow grease and agony, my new game release is ready to be played by the OHR public. Please download and enjoy. Huge thanks to The Giz, James Paige, Meatballsub, Hachi-Roku, Aethereal, and Karasawa for helping me get this ready!

Comments and questions can go here or just buzz me in IRC. I think all the bugs are worked out, but hey, there's always something that can be improved. Thanks for those who never gave up.

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COME TO SLIMESALAD! - Thursday September 5th 2013 at 5:28 PM
To anyone that isn't aware,

   This community's active members mostly hang out over at If you haven't already, please go to Slime Salad and make an account and create a thread or post introducing yourself.

We look forward to seeing you

Spoon Weaver
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OHRRPGCE Top 15 - 2013 - Tuesday July 23rd 2013 at 7:27 AM
Previous Top 30 polls can be found here and here.

We've had several Top 30 polls over the years, but I've decided to cut it down to 15 for several reasons. It appears that there tended to be a lack of contributors over the past few years and I think Top 15 may be a little more feasible for most people. Also, with fewer games being released these days I think a Top 15 is more ideal than Top 30.

Without further adieu, here is how it will work:

OHRRPGCE Top 15 - 2013

- Vote for up to 15 of your favorite OHRRPGCE RELEASES. You can vote on ANY released OHRRPGCE game, regardless of how old or new it is. Demos and completed games are fine, but we're not going to do unreleased games (anyone remember Rinku's games showing up in Top 30s without even being released?) You don't have to vote for 15 games, as one vote would be better than none at all.

- List them in order, as your top pick will receive the most points while the lowest will receive minimal points.

- You may NOT vote for your own game.

- If possible, please include a short reason that you chose each game in your list.

- You can post your votes in this thread, email me at mballsubATgmailDOTcom, or via PM.

- The deadline for voting is August 31, 2013. I will then tally the votes and posts the results on The Hamster Wheel, Slime Salad, and Castle Paradox.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask here. But again, please do not submit your votes on this thread.

For reference, here is a list of games released in 2013. Again, you can vote on ANY released OHRRPGCE game, regardless of how old or new it is. This list just shows what has been released recently.

2013 Releases:
    Stone Wings by PJFamicom
    The Fix-It Machine by Zidia
    Project Catapillar by Gizmog
    The Dungeons of Koh-Lah'B by BMR and Meowskivich
    Time and Time Again by SDHawk
    Gizchiro's Random Collab by Gizmog
    Undeadliest by Shizuma
    NPC Life by Misac
    Ninja Noah's Zombie Planets
    Anthracite Solstice by BMR
    The Super Amazing Blue Ball Game by Foreverblue2
    Double Pumping by Misac
    Simple by Meowskivich
    Jumpman by RMSephy
    Woryurs of Woberyun by Willy Elektrix
    Cool Guy Bob Surlaw (Update) by the Wobbler
    CC by Eggie
    Questicle by Spoonweaver

2012 Releases

    Rouge's Revenge by Arpgme
    Survival Horror Engine Walkaround by Shakeair
    Hamburgerman RPG 1.0 by Fieron
    Silhouette by Mystic
    The K'hyurbhi Lands by FnrrfYgmSchnish
    Cool Guy Bob Surlaw by The Wobbler
    No More Villains by Fenrir-Lunaris
    Dreg Sector: The Tract by Willy Elektrix
    Kinvesard: Epilogue of the Princess by Spoonweaver
    AR-PUH-GUH! by Meowskivich
    Super Penguin Chef by Mogri
    Pseudo Z-Level Tech Demo by BMR
    Legacy by BMR
    Karate Fight (Ambush 48 Edition) by Gizmog
    Look, But Don't Touch by SDhawk
    Flash 48 Hour Contest - The Actor's Daughter by Pheonix
    The Towers of Love and Energy (48 hr) by Idontknow
    There Is No Exit by Eggie
    Spirit Chronicles RIFT by Alphawolf
    Face Maker by BMR
    DUNGEONMEN: Men of Dungeons by KF Harlock
    Illusions by Master K
    Universal Wars by JCenterprises
    Cars by Pokemanster
    Reign Of Grelok by Misac
    Memento Mori (50%) by Mogri
    Super Harem Builder 2012 by RMSephy
    My Little Gahn by Charbile
    Karrible.RPG by Nathan Karr
    L'Sol Nocturnal Tears No Ingles by SDHawk
    Epic! The Humorous RPG by Brovania
    Clam Digger by Spoonweaver
    Trolls! by Master K
    Pilgrimage by SDHawk
    Alice Falls Asleep by Gizmog
    Ortega Colonies by TMC
    The Death of Von Stabbingmore by James Paige
    Dreadful Occupant by Spoonweaver
    Master K's Tech Demo by Master K
    Open Trail by Zetex

Past Top 30 Games (In No Particular Order)

    All The Games by Barnabus
    And& by Rinku
    Aquarius by Shizuma
    ARFENHOUSE!!!1#!!!1 by Misteroo
    Astroboy by Stewitus P
    Atomic Knights by ???
    Attack Fish Chronicles Volume I: The Omega by Meatballsub
    Babel by Grandtrain
    Bastard.GUNS Transylvania by Gilbert
    Batman & Robin by RMZ
    Bell of Chaos by James Paige
    Bliss by Camdog
    Bloodlust by OOIA
    Bob the Hamster in the Crypt of Baconthulua by James Paige
    Boundless Ocean by Orchard-L
    Crescent Dream by AdrianX
    Dark Sword by Ken Soto
    Darkmoor Dungeon by Mogri
    Desoto by Sean McAuley
    Destiny Calls by RedMurdockSoftware
    Dimensions III by Cube
    Do You Want To Be A Hero? by Mogri
    Don't Eat Soap by James Paige
    Don't Push the Button by Gizmog
    Dragon Bustier by Shizuma
    Dreams of Adventure by ???
    Duck by JSH357
    Ecopia: Shadow on Perrep by Zero Hour
    Edo by Byako
    Ends of the Earth 2 by Valkayree
    Ends of the Earth by Valkayree
    Escape from Darkavern by Twinhamster
    Evildead: Timeline by AshRaimi
    Final Fantasy H by Fenrir-Lunaris
    Forged Element by Tarot Master and Scyree
    FUABMX by White Owl
    Genesis by Lucier & Sephy99
    Habla No Ingles: The Movie by Gizmog
    Halloween Quest by RMZ
    Help Wanted by Eagtile
    Horse Game by The Wobbler
    I Made Dis by Gilbert
    I Made Dis Too by Gilbert
    Knight of the Ages by Mogri
    Legendary Heroes by Spoonweaver
    Lolsidothaldremobine by MattGamerr
    Machine Saga by Vertigo
    Magnus by Ryan Simonetta
    Memoria by Royal
    Missing by Orchard-L
    Monterey Penguin by Ubersteve
    Moon Pie: Crumbling Dreams by Sephy99
    Motrya by JSH357
    Mr. Triangles Maze by RMZ
    Neke, Woman of Mystery by Lucier, Shroom, and Sephy99
    Never Forget by Mogri
    NPC Tag Tutortial by James Paige
    OHR Date by Shadowiii
    OHR House Series by JSH357
    OHR House: Heroes by RMZ
    OHR Millionaire by Specsplosive
    OHRRPGCE Tactics by Mogri
    Okedoke! La Leyenda Mexicana by FnrrfYgmSchnish
    OMFG TIZ ROXORZ by Poodles
    Origin by Vidual
    Paladus by Dr. Greg
    Pandora Effect by Namyak
    Paranoia Star by KF Harlock
    Phantom Tactics by Mogri and Twinhamster
    Pitch Black by Shadowiii
    Puckamon by FnrrfYgmSchnish
    Purgatory by Orchard-L
    Query Part I: Who Am I? by JSH357
    Rinoath by Mewmew
    Saga of the Mystics by Royal and Dr. Greg
    Santa's Quest by Retrogamer
    Scare of Glory by Retrogamer
    Scary Game 2 by Mogri
    Scary Game by Mogri
    Sheep Rancher by Mogri
    ShiDA by Baconlabs
    Sleepover by Charbile
    Slimes by Spoonweaver
    Soulforge by Shaede Reshka
    Spellshard by Harlock and Shizuma
    Stickman With A Chainsaw by J'sang'spar
    Super Concentration Headache Battle Warrior by Mogri
    Super Walrus Chef: War of the Food by The Wobbler
    Surf's Up Yuk! by RMZ
    Surlaw: Armageddon by The Wobbler
    Sword of Jade: Parallel Dreams by Fyrewulff and Charbile
    Tales of the New World by Msw188
    Tetra by Byong
    Thanksgiving Quest by JSH357
    The Adventures of Mikey T by Meatballsub
    The Adventures of Powerstick Man by Pepsi Ranger
    The Last Blitz by Vidual
    The Last Job by Charbile
    The Slime Wars by Camdog
    The Wizard's Bomb by Camdog
    Tightfloss Maiden by Pepsi Ranger
    Tilde and the Mask of by Rinku and Harlock
    Time Flies by Fortis
    Timestream Saga: Arcadia Incident Report by Fenrir-Lunaris
    Timpoline by Mogri
    Tim-Tim the Mighty Gnome by Spoonweaver
    Trailblazers by Retrogamer
    Tremor by Adam Kroeker
    Triangle by SDHawk
    Veteran RPG by Specsplosive
    Vikings of Midgard by Fenrir-Lunaris
    Village People: The Videogame by The Wobbler
    Walthros by The Wobbler
    Walthrus: Return of the Crystals by The Wobbler
    Wandering Hamster by James Paige
    Watching Hours Go By by ???
    Way of the Wizard by Mogri
    Who Killed Dinosaur Giant by The Wobbler
    Wilthawiya by Gizmog
    Wingedmene: Part One by Komera and Rinku

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